Different Models for New Churches

multi-congregational church

A multi-congregational church is a church where more than one congregation shares the same building. They are very popular in ethnically and linguistically diverse areas.

organic church

The organic church is a movement of churches that eschews dedicated worship spaces in favor of houses, coffee shops, workplaces, or wherever people in need of the Gospel may be found. Although their fluidity makes them difficult to define, they share common characteristics: intensely relational, evangelistic, and more interested in content than form. Many people who have difficulty coming inside a traditional church can be reached with an organic or house church.


multi-site church

A multi-site church uses the "campus model," whereby there are several campuses that are all considered part of the same church. Perhaps the most famous multi-site church in America is Saddleback Church, pastored by Rick Warren, but not all multi-site churches have thousands of members. It is an excellent way to broaden the scope of a successful ministry without having to build a new leadership structure from scratch.

cowboy churches

A cowboy church is a group of cowboys and like-minded folk who gather with their own to worship God. They often meet in arenas, retrofitted barns, or even saloons. It is a way of doing church that has been very successful in Texas and Oklahoma, and is spreading. If you have horse-lovers and cowboy hat wearers in your town, it might be time to start a cowboy church!