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USA/Canada Region Change in Cultural Groups, 2004 - 2014
2013 Ethnic Group Demographics by Districts
Cultural Group Population 2011
Church of the Nazarene Core Values in multiple languages
Church of the Nazarene Manual 2009 - 2013 in multiple languages
Church of the Nazarene Articles of Faith in multiple languages
Multicultural Ministries Brochure
Life Long Learning Brochure in French
Life Long Learning Brochure in Spanish
Misseo Dei Study Guide
“Ministering in a Multi-Cultural World" - An intensive, ten-session, hands-on course
Passport to Friendship - A 6 week curriculum for a small group
Helping Nazarenes Reach the Black Male
How to Sponsor and Nurture an Ethnic Church Without Losing Your Mind
Who Moved My Church
Reflections by Dr. Tom Nees - What are you going to do about it?
The 10-40 Mirror by Bob Rasmussen
How to Start an English as a Second Language (ESL) Outreach Ministry in Your Church
Guideposts Dec 2014 Article - The Least of These
Wesleyan Holiness Digital Library
Watch the JESUS Film in multiple languages
Multi-language literature
Cultural Intelligence in the Workplace
Errol Carrim Life and Leadership Development Coach
Worshiping in Different Languages with Bill Selvidge
Balancing Worship with Junior Sorzano
2013 ANSR Conference Highlight
Discipleship Lessons from a Multicultural Church- A panel discussion
Sandia Multi-site Ministry Reaches Albuquerque, New Mexico
Mother Church Reborn with Carla Sunberg
M15 Oliver Phillip's Prayer

M15 Roberto Hodgson
Genesis Church - Northpark San Diego
Holiness Today- Should Yours Be a Multiethnic Congregation?
by Roberto Hodgson
Holiness Today - Q&A with Oliver Phillips