DSLDP 2014

DSLDP 2014 Williamsburg Virginia

Williamsburg, VA

September 2-5, 2014

Williamsburg Lodge

You can learn more about the Williamsburg Lodge at their official website.

Registration opens in April 2014. Keep watching the DSLDP page for more details and announcements on DSLDP 2014!

Files and Handouts from Presentations at DSLDP 2013
Central Florida Presentation Resources - Larry Dennis, Presenter
Superintendents in the Church: Casting Theological Vision - Jeren Rowell, Presenter
Passionate Missional Outreach (Word, PDF) - Brian Wilson, Presenter
New Church Development Conversation Starters - Phil Fuller, Presenter
Intentional Leadership Development - Randy Craker, Presenter
Ecclesiology in the Church of the Nazarene and the Superintendency - Ken Mills, Presenter
Response to Ecclesiology Papers - Clair MacMillan, Presenter
Multifaceted New Church Development - Jim Kraemer, Presenter

What is DSLDP?

DSLDP is the  District Superintendents Leadership Development Program. It is a ministry of the USA/Canada Regional Office. The purpose of DSLDP is to provide support and training to district superintendents. The DSLDP conference is a time for district superintendents to network with each other and the regional office, and to train them for their position.