Multicultural Mission and Vision

Dr. Roberto Hodgson, Multicultural Ministries USA/Canada Director

Multicultural Ministries Mission Statement

The Multicultural Ministries Office exists to support districts, pastors, local churches, and leaders in the task of making Christ-like disciples among all ethnic groups in the U.S. and Canada.

Multicultural Ministries Endeavors

Multicultural Ministries' passion is to encourage the development of strategy and initiative to reach the USA/Canada mission field through the visionary leadership of the ethnic facilitators and their strategy committees.

Strategy Committees

Members of the Multicultural Ministries strategy committees are church leaders committed to leading their ethnic groups in establishing the Kingdom of God in the hearts of people and their communities.

Leadership Development

Multicultural Ministries provides specific seminars in church planting, evangelism and discipleship to equip ethnic leaders.

Inspirational and Strategic Fellowship

Multicultural Ministries sponsors regional and national conferences and seminars to assist the cultural groups in maintaining Nazarene theological and doctrinal identity and equipping them to proclaim and support the mission of the church “To make Christ-like Disciples in the Nations”.

Educational Partnership

Multicultural Ministries partners with our Nazarene educational institutions to prepare men and women for ministry.   One of the partnerships available is the Ethnic Student Ministerial Scholarship

Cross-Cultural Leadership

Multicultural Ministries provides seminars and materials to help church leaders develop the skills needed to build a welcoming church in a multicultural society. 

Serving Immigrants

Multicultural Ministries provides, through a contracted agreement with World Relief, telephone hotline access to an attorney, as well as training and educational materials on immigration issues for Superintendents, Pastors, and other staff of the Church of the Nazarene.

Multicultural Ministries also assists, in partnership with World Relief, selected local churches and Compassionate Ministry sites to seek recognition before the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) in the interest of providing competent, affordable, authorized immigration legal services on a limited basis.  Overview of Board of Immigration Appeals Recognition and Accreditation and BIA Mentoring and Technical Assistance Application Information