Church Renewal Tools and Articles


Exploring Evangelism Questionnaire
The EEQ is a congregational survey designed to help church leaders get a better understanding of their congregation's interest in sharing their faith, and to help identify strengths and weaknesses in pursuit of more effective evangelism efforts.

Outreach Strategy Questions
Churches long to know better how to reach unchurched and unredeemed people. Directed questions are a method to discover where they may better turn their attention, train the people, and focus ministry efforts. Here is a list of analytical questions aimed toward improving outreach strategy.

Ministry Task Forces Template (PDF)
A template for organizing ministry teams at your church.

Personal Ministry Survey (PDF)
A survey given to potential church volunteers to identify their areas of interest.


Best Practices in Discipleship edited by Jim DorseyBest Practices in Discipleship (full book; PDF)
Visit with leaders in the Nazarene church as they discuss proven practices for effective evangelism and discipleship. Edited by Jim Dorsey.

The Early Warning Signals of Church Decline
24 warning signals that your church is on the decline, from Lyle Schaller's book 44 Steps Off Up the Plateau.

Resurrection or Revitalization?
Bill Easum speaks about why church revitalization is almost always a waste of time, money, and effort. Most churches don't need a revitalization ... they need a resurrection.

Teams and Performance
This article argues that annual performance reviews ought to be ditched in favor of team evaluations. Since the purpose is organizational rather than individual performance, the author argues that a collective approach to both success and failure works best.

Designing Worship for High Impact Evangelism
An article about designing worship in such a way to praise God and bring in new believers.

Emergent Church
A discussion on the term "emergent church," and the concepts that it entails.

What do we mean when we use the term "postmodern"? How does this term affect the church?